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Emma Laser ilda sd card dmx 1w 25ch


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hey Crescit, thanks for your reply

I saw it, but it does not include the qxf fixture file for QLC+

and there is my bottleneck, how to create from the DMX chart, something usefull in QLC+...?

I'm a bit too chaotic in mind to translate it, or find my starting point...

I don't see on your website such a file...or is it to find in the premium member section?

Hi Steven,

It is labeled as EM-RGB230M under Emma manufacturer.

I'm looking also for this fixture file to use in QLC+.

lasers are an other new world for me, as so I don't have experience to include the DMX chart into a fixture file...

Does anybody knows where I could find this file, or how to start developing it into a QLC+ fixture file?

This has now been added to the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (09.05.22).

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