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Please add these 4 for me.

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(1.01 MB)
(2.36 MB)

These have now been added to the Crescit library, meaning the fixtures will be available as of next Monday (09.05.22).

These are the fixture names:

1.LED 19x15W WashZoom

2.4 Eyes 400W LED COB CW+WW

3.Beam 230W 7R


hi, Can you share the link where I can update my library with the new lights the you have added?


Hi Gabriel, if you download the latest version of EMU and make sure you've got a license installed you'll be able to access these new Crescit fixture profiles by navigating to the Settings gear icon in the top right, then navigating to Fixtures and selecting Use on the version you want. EMU will automatically retrieve the latest version.


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