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BPM sync issues

I am having an issue with the BPM wheel not automatically syncing to the correct tempo I originally set it to. When I jumble the wheel and set it back to the correct BPM, it locks back in, but this poses a major problem for automating a light show.

Is anyone else having this issue?

CONTEXT: Each song I am building the show for has its own bank in EMU. Also I am using MIDI notes to program in Ableton Live 11.

I have looked into this and using our latest beta (version the sync between the VST plugin the MIDI clock functionality is correct. 

If you are referring to the Speed Master within EMU, this is a global Speed Function and is not set per Bank/Program. If you wish to change the Speed Master per Bank/Program, please use either the VST plugin or the MIDI clock. 

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Hey Andrew, using Ableton Live 11 in conjunction with EMU.

Hi Christopher! Can you please let us know what DAW you are using? 

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