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New Fixture - Event Lighting - ORBIT2 - 3-in-1 LED Effect Light (11Ch Mode)

Hi, Can I please request a new fixture to be added. 

The light is a 3 in 1 Derby light, with laser and strobe. 

Manufacturer - Event Lighting

Product Link - Orbit 2 3 in 1

Modes: 2/11 (11 Channel required)


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (04.07.22).

Hi, I've been checking periodically for updates in EMU for the updated fixture library since Monday. I've not observed any new fixture changes available. Current Fixture Library is 22.06.7867. Check for Updates in the Fixture settings doesn't present a new version to be downloaded. Not sure if I've misunderstood anything but was expecting the fixture to be available in EMU from Mon 04/07. Thanks

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