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Bug/Feature request?

I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature request: I have 7 Fixture main dimmers linked to Midi knobs (CC). When I save my program I expect that the linked faders would retain their position when the program is next loaded so that If I don't use the MIDI device, or have to reload the program the linked faders remain where I saved them? At the moment they load at values that I saved some version ago. IE, I think this used to work.

Regards Allen

Hi. Is anyone from Enttec going to respond to this and my other Bug report please? Now that this is a release product and no longer Beta, these issues should be sorted ASAP please.

Thanks and Regards Allen.

Hey Allen,

While this is currently expected behavior Midi mapped faders don't save their values much like VST mapped faders.
However, what you are suggesting, using your midi controller to program your show sounds like a pretty nice workflow to us! We will look to add this in a future release.

I managed to update the saved fader values by temporarily removing the MIDI linking, set the faders to the desired default value and saving. I then relinked the MIDI CC's. 

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