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Bug with Fixture fader BEAMZ on radical ii led derby with laser rg and strobe

I have found a bug or limitation with one of my fixtures The BEAMZ radical ii led derby with laser rg and strobe labelled as “Dance Light” in my show.

If I try to add an oscillator to the Colour fader, I get “NO faders” showing when I select an oscillation type. I would like to be able to oscillate between 2 colours with a square wave. I suspect it is to do with what "Type" is assigned to the fader? Can the Fader type be changed for this fader so that an oscillator can be used.

Regards Allen.

This has now been modified added in the Crescit library, meaning the changes will be available as of next Monday (08.08.22).

Awesome. Many thanks. 

A question for the Enttec team: Will I need to remove and re-add the fixture or will the changes be picked up automatically in EMU?

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