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Feature Request - Limited support for MIDI in Free Tier

There is support for 16 x VST mappings in the free Tier. I would like to humbly request that you allow up to 16 (even 8 would be good) MIDI mappings in the free tier.

I'm volunteering with the light show I'm doing for local live music and have been using a MIDI controller with 18 knobs mapped to the main fader of 7 fixtures while using the Beta program. I can no longer use this :(

Being voluntary, I won't be paying a subscription for the full version. I would consider a one off purchase? Could a purchase option be considered? 

P.S., I'm using an Enttec EtherDIN.

Thankyou in advance, Allen Goodhue

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Hi. Are you able to give any consideration to this? It seems that as limited VST mappings are available that limited MIDI mappings would be as well ?

Kind regards, Allen.

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