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Feature Request - Limited support for MIDI in Free Tier

There is support for 16 x VST mappings in the free Tier. I would like to humbly request that you allow up to 16 (even 8 would be good) MIDI mappings in the free tier.

I'm volunteering with the light show I'm doing for local live music and have been using a MIDI controller with 18 knobs mapped to the main fader of 7 fixtures while using the Beta program. I can no longer use this :(

Being voluntary, I won't be paying a subscription for the full version. I would consider a one off purchase? Could a purchase option be considered? 

P.S., I'm using an Enttec EtherDIN.

Thankyou in advance, Allen Goodhue

Hi. Are you able to give any consideration to this? It seems that as limited VST mappings are available that limited MIDI mappings would be as well ?

Kind regards, Allen.

If you have Ableton Live (was a Lite license included with your controller?) you can map MIDI through Ableton into the VST (MIDI learn the VST faders) to have MIDI controlled faders in EMU Free

Thanks Lewis. I have a small midi controller with knobs that I had mapped to the main faders. Not using it with MIDI music.

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