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create our own fixtures


I have a premium EMU license, however, most of my fixtures are not in the curre library.  A lot of them are 'generic' fixtures from chinese companies.

Is there a way I can define these myself?  

If so, can I also share or submit these fixture definitions for other users?

Some of the lights have either little or NO documentation (or I have lost them) so they will require a bit of trial and error, which I am willing and able to do.

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Hey Joe,

This is currently a task in our development backlog, however, you can definitely submit everything you have regarding fixture information in the fixture creation forum where the guys at Crescit will build it for you. We pull updates from Crescit every Sunday night and auto compile the library ready for download (the latest version can be downloaded within ELM by navigating to the Settings menu).

If you're requesting a handful of fixtures, we recommend you add them as separate tickets to make processing them easier for the Crescit team.

Thank you for the reply.
The problem is I don't have hardly anything, and short of sending them physical lights to work with I don't see a way around this.  For now I probably have to stop using EMU until this is put in place.

Having the ability to edit and create fixtures really needs to be a 'needed for production release' task item, before something could come out of beta.

At least in my opinion.  I have had too many times over the years where I have had to do emergency on the fly work to get a show working (perhaps with a clients lights they have already up) and don't always have 24 hours to wait, let alone a week.


At a pinch, you can use a number of single dimmers and/or the Generic RGB or RGBW . Not pretty but it works.

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Thanks Allen;

I managed to find a profile that matches my main moving heads, still needing only one now.

Looking around for the docs for that one, I know I have a pamphlet here somewhere!

It is a 'MFL Moving Head Light 7x18w RGBWA UV Stage Wash Light' 11 or 18 channels.
I have reached out to MFL via their facebook page and they are looking into it for me also.

LOL....their response of 'The light i think 5 years. It still work?'  kind of cracked me up.
You would never hear that from any of the 'majors' - but yes, 
I ordered my last one of these lights on "
Ordered on June 15, 2016".

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