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Self Build/Made LED Light strip question with EMU

Hey Support, 

I am hoping you MIGHT be able to help me understand what I need to do with the EMU software to help me manage and run my LED strips… Please

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Also in need of solving this - anyone find a solution to this?  Do we just request a custom fixture get added via crescit?

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Same here... I've been exploring the EMU software for hours but can't seem to receive / send out DMX from a different software.

G'day Guys,

Are you able to provide a bit more detail about your system?
What strips are you using, what controllers do you have, how are you attempting to connect the controller to EMU and then what effect are you aiming for from EMU?

If you are just after Patching RGB pixels into EMU then I would suggest going to the "generic" manufacturer then the "Generic LED" Fixture. Here you can select RGB or RGBW as your fixture mode depending on what pixel type your tape is. If it's Pixel strip then duplicate this for however many pixels your tape has.

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