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Self Build/Made LED Light strip question with EMU

Hey Support, 

I am hoping you MIGHT be able to help me understand what I need to do with the EMU software to help me manage and run my LED strips… Please

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Also in need of solving this - anyone find a solution to this?  Do we just request a custom fixture get added via crescit?

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As Matthew said, it would be great if you provided a bit more info re what type of strips etc you're using and if you have a DMX controller for them.

If they're basic analog strips (as in non-addressable) then you can hook them up to something like this Dmx Decoder Rgbw Led 4 Channels 32a Led Dmx512 Decoder For Rgb,led Dmx Decoder Dmx512 Controller Dc12-24v - Rgb Controler - AliExpress and then run DMX to that to control from EMU.

In the patch page on EMU, go to 'Generic' in the fixtures tab and find the RGB or RGBW fixture (depending on how many outputs your controller has.

If they're addressable LEDs (like WS2812B strips) there's a few options:

1. You can hook them up to something like this DMX512 DC5V 24V Decoder controller SP201E SPI Signal Addressable IC RGB led Pixel 5 Channel PWM Output ws2811 2812 1903 strips| | - AliExpress. The downside with this is that each pixel on the strip (as in each light) will use 3 channels in EMU (one for the red led, one for the green, one for the blue). So you could control a max of 170 LEDS on the strip and it would be suuuuuper annoying to program them.

2. You could get something like this Installation-grade DMX to SPI pixel converter for LED control | ENTTEC : ENTTEC, run Enttec's ELM software and control that with EMU (uses I think 15 channels). So you'd program your fx in ELM then control the live section with EMU via artnet.

3. You could get an ESP32 module and flash it with WLED Welcome to WLED - WLED Project then control that wirelessly via DMX over E1.31 (see here E1.31 (DMX) / Art-Net - WLED Project)

Sorry if this is something you're already across, but you'll need something like this The industry standard for DMX USB converter | ENTTEC : ENTTEC to control any DMX fixtures or controllers from EMU

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Hi, is there any chance you guys can give me tips for my project? I have a small nightclub (the dancefloor is 6mtsx6mts) and I am trying to find the best configuration. I am planning on doing a total of eight BTF-LIGHTING addressable led strips (60 leds/m) (5mt each 12v) + BTF Flexible Neon Soft Lights Tube T1023. So in total, it would be 40 mts of Led Strip. Since the dancefloor is a square I want to put the led strips in straight lines throughout the ceiling. What would be the best way to power them? Maybe 2 or 3 BTF-Lighting 30 Amp or 40Amp, 12v Power Supply? I was thinking about the ENTECCs Octo driver until I found the Dig Quad or just plains ESP32s. What would be the proper setup? Also, I'm trying to control a couple of DMX lights(4-6), what's a good interface for the job? I was thinking a Pknight ArtNet bi-directional ($70 on amazon) can do the trick.  

Finally, I am also considering using a BTF BC 204 artnet since it already has DMX output, would you recommend it? I was just wondering if anyone has tried it yet,  Do you think I could use it for both Control the LED strips + use it as a DMX Interface?

In your experience what LED strip controller works best for a permanent installation? The dancefloor is used 2-3 days a week. I am open to your suggestions

I am liking EMU and WLED software, but I am open to any suggestions

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I have a quick question regarding this conversation.

I have a simple setup of LED strips for a band stage show.

They are 4 RGBW LED strips each at 4'

I would like to control them using simple patterns (fade, scan, dual color chaser, chasers etc) I don't really need to use them as pixels, so would something like  32 Channel DMX Decoder  allow me to do this, set patterns and address that decoder in EMU?  I see above I can set it to "Generic LED" 

Or would I need that Pixel Converter?

I just want to be sure before I start buying things. 

Yep or even get a 24 channel decoder (you only need 16 channels, unless you're planning to expand at some point). I'm assuming you're using analogue led strips, not ws2812/ws2811 strips (that allow for per-pixel control). Then yep just use 4 x the generic led RGBW patch in EMU and remember to leave another 16 channels after it if you're adding more fixtures (if you end up using a 32 channel decoder).

Same here... I've been exploring the EMU software for hours but can't seem to receive / send out DMX from a different software.

Thanks for sharing some options! To add some more details about what I’m looking to accomplish. I have 100s, soon to be 1000s of ws2812b leds connected to multiple ESP32s running WLED. I use ableton or cubase for DAW, and program effects to individual songs using MIDI and the EMU VST for some basic dmx led spots, cans, gobos, etc. I’d like to control the segments in WLED from EMU, but cant seem to make the final step of getting emu to find the WLED esp32 on the network. Ive read through the wled dmx documentation and have tried all the recommended settings, but still no EMU connection. Am i missing something simple?

Hmm as long as your WLED module and PC are connected to the same network (make sure one isn't on the 5g version and other on the 2.4 or vice versa) it should automatically connect. Also, make sure you have your artnet outputs enabled in the EMU settings. WLED won't show up as an output specifically in EMU.

If you haven't already, for now add 13 generic dimmers (for the 13 channels WLED uses) (I've submitted a fixture request to get WLED added as a fixture) and make sure the first dimmer is on the channel number you have set in WLED and it should just work.

If you're going to down the road of really expanding your addressable LEDs it's definitely worth getting something like an ENTTEC Octo then control them with ELM and control that with EMU.

@Greg, I've just tested a WLED fixture and have Network DMX input type set to Art-Net in WLED Sync Interfaces settings. 

Hope you got it working!

G'day Guys,

Are you able to provide a bit more detail about your system?
What strips are you using, what controllers do you have, how are you attempting to connect the controller to EMU and then what effect are you aiming for from EMU?

If you are just after Patching RGB pixels into EMU then I would suggest going to the "generic" manufacturer then the "Generic LED" Fixture. Here you can select RGB or RGBW as your fixture mode depending on what pixel type your tape is. If it's Pixel strip then duplicate this for however many pixels your tape has.

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