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Channel Patch for China Beam 230


I have a Beam 230 that was made in China by a company called CSE. I can not find this channel structure in your catalog. Please build a patch for this light. I have enclosed a manual with the channel description, options and effects. 


Please ignore this request.  I found out that my catalog is not accurate with the colors - the manual does not match what the light is putting out. I will need to rework the manual and now I am concerned that the gobo might not be accurate as well. Looks like the China lights were a good deal but require a bunch of back end work.


I was able to get this manual from China and it appears to have all 20 channels and the correct color wheel.  


Arghh - I am sooo sorry. I just realized that the color wheel is not totally accurate. The manual does not match what my light is putting out.  

The main colors on the wheel should be:

white - 10. red - 20. yellow - 30 aquamarine - 40 green - 50 orange - 60 magenta - 70 yellow - 80 sky blue - 90 sand - 100 purple - 110 pink - 120 light orange - 130 light blue - 140 white

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further info. 

Hi Jason,

For some reason I can't open/download the manual. Can you please take a screenshot of the DMX Map?

Hi - is this the page you were requesting? 


Here is another attempt at posting the manual with color corrections.


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (05.12.22).

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