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Transferring programs/scenes to banks

Converting from using a dmx light controller to computer-based software using eh ENTTEC DMX USB Pro and the EMU software.  I have created 20+ programs and wish to transfer them to a bank or two so that I can continue to create more programs.  My goal is to have 4 banks of 10 programs each.  I see no video's that show how to do that and fear losing the data after HOURS of work.  Once this is done, do I have to SAVE these 40 as a show?  Questions, questions, questions!

I don't think there is a way to move programs or banks. But would be happy if someone shows me how do that...

Found out you must create a bank first and when adding programs/scenes they will automatically go into that bank until you create another bank

This is about new bank and programs. That's fair. But what if I have 1 bank with 20 programs and then I would like to create a new bank and move there 10 programs from that 20 in the first bank? I thought this was your question :) 

figured it out, just start up a new bank and then program (simple)?

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