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Im considering replacing my old DMXIS box for the ODE MK3 as I could do with the option of 2 universes. How would I integrate this into my system? A~t the moment I connect the DMXIS box via USB from my Computer, I also have MIDI to USB from my uTrack24 (for the click tracks and MIDI info for lighting and other MIDI based effects) to the computer which has the info for EMU... How would I connect the ODE to replace the DMXIS box? 

Hello Andy, you may change your DMXis with ODE Mk3. In this case just connect you ODE Mk3 to router and Mk3 to your fixtures. And then you'll be able to control your lights via ArtNet from EMU. 

But it is worth mentioning that you'll be able to have only 1 universe as EMU supports only 1. 

Hi Andrei thanks for the reply.

I use a router for my X32 Mixer on a Surface pro etc.. but my uTrack is connected directly to another Surface pro with the Emu software  which is a MIDI to USB lead and then a USB out into the DMXIS so I can't see how it would work as the MIDI is not going thru a network.

I also noticed the 5 pin connections so the ODE will not work for me as it means having to get convertors (5 to 3) which are becoming quite difficult to get hold of. The 1 Universe limitation could be a problem in the future ☹️ But I guess I will need to find alternative software/hardware when I need to expand.

That sounds difficult to me haha :) If you could make a scheme to show what you've described - that might help to understand your intend. 

As for convertors - I know Enttec has 3 PIN female to 5 PIN make (SKU: 70029) and 3 PIN male to 5 PIN female (SKU: 70030).

As for supporting more universes I think it might be added in future to EMU as my experiences tells me enttec team pays attention to their users' requests.

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here’s a rough sketch… left out the majority as it’s MIDI etc connected with sound not lighting
(2.02 MB)
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