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Feature Requests

Can you implement a Tab and Highlight value when inputting Custom Fixture Fader range values, please? It's a total PITA having to double click highlight the values when it could simply be tab, tab, enter.

Fader Types: Why no Colour wheel, no gobo wheel, no frost, no prism, no rotates as Typical Fader types?

Bad Custom Fixture Filter:  Some sort of parsing of user input Custom Fixtures to stop incorrect fixtures being patched and crashing the output of the entire program!

CAPTCHA - the window is tiny and useless - try something different!

Can you add an editable, meaningful name to each fixture in the Main Page?  At the moment we get manufacturer, model DMX start address - can we also have the ablity to simply call it DS CL Special or whatever is meaningful about that fixture and its purpose?

Patch: Very annoyingly when you patch and Duplicate the new fixture appears in the next lowest available address, not always helpful.  Is it possibe to have Next available AFTER selected Fixture option?

Patch:  Possible Bug - Trying to remove 100+ dimmer channels from a test patch and the whole program crashed moments after selecting and deleting the selected fixtures.  It also crashed when Duplicating banks of fixtures (12 dimmer channels) and the number, accidentally exceeded the 512 ch limit for the one universe available.

Thanks, other than that, it's an interesting programming environment with some early stage idiosyncracies : )

1) There was always such an option to rename your fixtures:


2) See attached video (Duplicating fixtures), attached, works exactly as you expect. Using Mac.

3) In the video from item 2 I duplicate 15 channel fixture without any difficulties. When my grid is filled out, and there are left less cells than I want duplicate - nothing just happens, which is expected, see attached video Max patch grid reached). And also tried to select all fixtures one by one and delete all at once - nothing bad happened (see attached video Full grid deletion). If you have a crash and can reproduce it - do it and share your EMU log file here. Maybe there is a bug there indeed, then I am sure devs will fix it.

Attached videos. 


Thanks Andrei, most helpful, now all I need is version that has all the latest with optional 8 / 16 bit fades : )

Did you raise a ticket for support or did they did it for you to fix your show from the other topic?

Given the urgency of the matter I made direct contact with Support.  Matt in Melbourne responded as soon as he was able, reviewed the issue and suggested a roll back to the 8bit fade version.  The problem has been submiited as a bug and a solution is in the hands of the developers, patch TBA.  

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