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Feature Request: Copy & Paste Banks Between Shows

It would be great to be able to copy and paste banks between show files. This would allow us to have one master show file with all programmings, and then copy them to a new show with a new arrangement. For my band I like to program different lights for each song, but we don't always play the same songs each show. 

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That's a really good point and I believe many people already voted for it here. Well let's see, I believe it will be implemented one day :) 

For those who want a workaround (on Mac OS at least): if you go to HD>Users>UserName>EMU>Shows you can go into each show folder and copy and paste programs between folders and they will appear in your new show. 

Does that work stable? I thought that way can cause errors, bugs and etc. I believe it was recommended not to use that way. 

I have had no issues so far. 

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I used to be able to drag settings from the Program's list into a new Bank,  both on my Mac Book and My PC, this can not be done any more??? it saved hours of work and now that options gone? Why is about going backwards

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