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Emu Studio One Automation Lane Issue

I usually use Ableton to program my lights with automation lanes, but I'm working with a band currently that uses Studio One to run their live backtracks.  I figured out how to setup the VST and Map the fader values from EMU into studio one.  Problem I'm having is getting the actual automation lanes to behave normal.  It only allows me to create a vertical automation edit on the timeline, it will not allow me to ramp or curve between 2 points like how you can with the volume automation.  Has anyone else had this issue or know of any kind of workaround?

(7.46 KB)
Issue 2.PNG
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Issue 1.PNG
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Hey Travis, I am not good at Studio one, but just tried it what you say and it looks like I can do it in any shape I want. See attached video. Seems like you use "freehand tool" - in that case indeed it draws in vertical and horizontal lines only.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m new to studio one myself and this has been driving me absolutely crazy.

Anytime! That's what forums are for! 

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