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Neewer PL60C


I do apologize as the only manual I have for these came in the box with the lights.

I made photos and instead of trying to dump them here I made a Google Shared Album;

If you still want the manual or you want more info, I will do my best to respond quickly.

Manufacturer: Neewer


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next update. 

Yay! Thank you!


Thank you for trying but I think there is a bit of confusion.

The first two channels are "Mode" and "Intensity" (or "Dimmer").

For this example, assume the PL60C is set to channel #1.

If I want to set the light to CCT Mode I set channel #1 to something between 0-31 (we will say 28 for  this example). Now the light is in CCT mode.

Now I want to set the intensity or brightness I set channel #2 to 127. Now the light is 50% bright.

Now I want to set the color temperature I set channel #3 to 127 and its around 6,250k.

Now, if I change channel #1's value to something between 32-63 the mode is now switched "HSI Mode." The light intensity (of Dimmer) is still channel #2 and is still at 127 or 50%. But how channel #3 is hue and it is 127 or 50%. BUT! Channel #4 is saturation and its value is 0!

So the base cannel is ALWAYS the mode. The next channel higher is ALWAYS the dimmer or intensity.  The 3rd channel from the base starts the custom light feature as determined from the value in the base channel.

So each of what you have labeled as "Mode" needs to send those values on the base channel for the appropriate mode.

Is there a way I can set this up myself so I can assign the correct color temperatures and other values? Just a value between 0 and 255 is really hard to figure out if I am at 4,400K or 5,200K.

Thank you.


This has now been modified and update will be available as of next Monday (22.04.24)

Yeah, this update is even worse. It is 100% unusable. At least the first one I could repurposes the channels as needed.

Can you please just give me 9 channels with values between 0-255 for the fixture This is a studio light and so I think you guys method of control doesn't align with the lights real world function.

I can do the scenes by numbers manually. Thank you for your effort though.

Leave channel 1 and 2 names "Mode" and "Dimmer" but the the rest just call "Param+1" "Param+2" etc. These are 9 channel lights so make a single 9 channel light and I will be happy.

Hi John,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. FX Mode has now been modified to 9 channels. The update retain the CCT Mode, HSI Mode, Gel Mode, RGBCW Mode and XY Mode. It will be available on the next update (29.04.24)

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