RDM (Remote Device Management) and ArtRDM (RDM over Art-Net) are advanced protocols used in lighting control. They allow bidirectional communication between a controller (like a lighting console) and individual lights or devices. This means you can remotely monitor, configure, and troubleshoot each light, making setup and operation more efficient in entertainment settings like theaters and concerts.

The RDM functionality on the ODE Mk2, ODE PoE Mk2 & DIN ETHERGATE can be enabled by configuring the settings as follows:

  1. The Source is set to Art-Net
  2. The Mode is set to Output.
  3. RDM is Enabled

Art-RDM compatible controllers on your network can then be used to discover RDM devices connected to the DMX outputs of these products.

Note: RDM does not operate from a Physical DMX -> Art-Net on ENTTEC devices.