For the most part, our DMX USB devices ship with everything you need to start outputting or receiving DMX from your computer and get started with a basic lighting rig.

Key accessories we recommend for those getting started are:

  • 5pin to 3pin DMX converters: some fixtures use three-pin connectors - the signal is identical, just a different pinout.
  • DMX terminators: these are relatively cheap and are used to stop DMX 'bounce-back' at the end of your DMX chain. Sometimes you can get away with not using DMX terminators if your cable run isn't that long; however, for peace of mind, we always recommend it.
  • DMX Splitter: To make your life easier when cabling up your system, you might want to look into getting a DMX Splitter. They essentially repeat your DMX data from your controller, giving you more than one port to use as well as electrically isolating each port so if ever a fault causes a fixture to send power down the DMX line (or someone accidentally plugs in phantom power, your other lights and DMX USB widget won't get damaged. This also means you can have multiple short cable runs instead of one long cable chain that snakes between your lights. Here’s a video that explains DMX Splitters further - We sell a number of these:
    1. D-Split DMX splitters can be found here
  • USB adaptors: All ENTTEC DMX USB devices ship with USB Type-A connectors to plug into your computer. – If your computer only has USB Type C connectors be sure to get an alternative cable or Type C->A adaptor.