Factory resetting the OCTO results in the following:

  • Resets the device name.
  • Enables DHCP.
  • Static IP Address reset (IP address =
  • Resets the gateway IP.
  • Netmask is set to
  • Restores standalone shows to factory default.
  • Direct mode is activated.
  • Input protocol is set to Art-Net.
  • LED protocol is set as WS2812B.
  • Pixel color is set to RGB.
  • Both ports are set to output 4 universes. The start universe for output 1 & output 2 is set as 0.
  • Mapped pixels value is set to 680 pixels.
  • DMX start address is set to 0.
  • APA-102 global intensity set to maximum.


Using web interface

The reset to defaults command can be found under the Settings tab of the OCTO.


Once the command is pressed, a pop-up would appear as shown in the image below:



Using the reset button

The reset button restores the network configuration of the OCTO to factory defaults:

  1. To reset to factory defaults, the following procedure must be performed:
  2. Power off the unit
  3. Press and hold the Reset button.
  4. While holding the Reset button, power up the unit, and keep holding the button for 3 seconds.
  5. Release the Reset button once the status led starts blinking red.