DISCONTINUED May 2022: This product has been superseded by an updated version 70407.


  • Easy to use: The ODE PoE Mk2 supports web-based configuration and quick discovery using ENTTEC’s NMU or EMU software. It's compatible with all modern browsers. 
  • Multiple protocol support: Supports Art-Net 1/2/3, Streaming ACN sACN, and ESP. Use whichever you prefer, simply change the protocol using the web configuration. 
  • Widely compatible: Designed for simple connection on a network, and is compatible with an enormous range of commercial and free software thanks to its implementation of ArtNet & sACN.

  • Ready to connect: Our Ethernet to DMX interface is factory set to use DHCP IP addressing. Simply connect to your existing router or network infrastructure, and any supported DMX over Ethernet software will be able to stream to it. 

  • Flexible options: Supports either LTP or HTP Merging (up to 2 sources). Either enable or disable merging, to suit your needs.

  • RDM over Art-Net: RDM to RDM-Net and vice versa is possible in both directions. When enabled, all RDM fixtures connected to the ODE Mk2 can be configured using any ArtRDM capable software.

  • Input or Output: Choose from 'Input mode' (receives DMX, and sends over Ethernet), or 'Output mode' (sends DMX). DMX Input mode supports options for broadcast or unicast. 

Documentation & Files: