ENTTEC’s Octo Mk2 is an 2-port Art-Net/sACN pixel converter that can receive up to 8 Universes of Art-Net/sACN, and convert it directly to Pixel data (SPI).

The Octo Mk2 is powerful enough to control up to 1,365 RGB Pixels with perfect synchronization and high refresh rate across both outputs.

Wiring Diagram

The Octo Mk2 does not support Power through-put, meaning that no power connected to the Octo Mk2's 2-pin DC input will be passed though the device and out of the outputs to the pixels. 

Depending on the installation, there are a couple of different ways that the Octo can be wired. 


If multiple power supplies are connected to the Octo Mk2, the device will take its power from the input with highest voltage


Octo Mk2's with serial number 2374307 (firmware 4.0) and onwards can be configured to run a different pixel protocol on each of its two outputs. Older devices can be configured to output only one protocol at a time (both outputs running the same pixel protocol).

The Octo Mk2's outputs not only support the industry standard SPI protocols but also accommodates customized SPI pixel protocols (subject to specific criteria). This allows for seamless integration with a variety of LED pixel systems and ensures that your unique requirements are met.