A set of 512 channels of DMX512, as referred to as a Universe. This concept provides a structured framework for managing the vast array of control information required to operate your lighting fixtures effectively.

As you work with your lighting console, it's essential to grasp the concept of Universes. The initial universe encompasses channels 1 through 512. Once you've maximized the potential of this universe, you seamlessly transition to the next one, which begins again at address 1. This system ensures a logical and organized distribution of control channels for your fixtures.

Various consoles employ different numbering schemes for additional universes. Some consoles maintain a continuous numbering sequence, with the second universe extending from channels 513 to 1024. Conversely, many consoles adopt a more intuitive labeling convention, often denoted by a combination of a letter or number followed by the address. For instance, you might encounter designations such as "1.214" or "a.214," signifying a fixture located at address 214 within the first universe.