What is Art-Net?

Art-Net is essentially DMX over IP (DMX over a network). However, unlike DMX, you can send thousands of DMX universes over one cable at once! It can handle a lot more data than a single DMX512 cable. The other upside to Art-Net is that it can be used on almost any pre-existing network infrastructure. For more information about Art-Net, follow the link below to the official website:


Troubleshooting: Art-Net Broadcast

If your device is not receiving Directed Art-Net Broadcast, ensure that both your transmitting and receiving devices have an identical netmask and are in the same IP range.

 The table below features an Art-Net Transmitter with IP and a receiver set to

Art-Net Transmitter IP

ArtNet Transmitter Netmask

Art-Net Receiver IP

Art-Net Receiver Netmask


ArtNet Broadcast Received

No Art-Net Broadcast Received – The transmitting device will send a directed broadcast to, but the receiver will only listen on Consequently, no data will be received.


Troubleshooting: ArtPoll

If you are struggling to detect a device:

Firstly, ensure you are connected on the same local network as the device sending an ArtPoll response.

Secondly, check to ensure your router or other network infrastructure isn’t blocking port 1936 (the default port used by Art-Net packets)

Thirdly, check to ensure your network equipment has a broadcast decay setting lower than the number of switches between your computer and the Art-Net device.

If issues persist, to rule out some aspects of network infrastructure, ENTTEC recommends plugging your device directly into your computer and ensuring an ArtPoll response. Following this, begin re-introducing more network infrastructure between your laptop and Art-Net Node to determine where the issue lies.