All network switches from that feature inbuilt network switches for IN and THRU (not just ENTTEC products)introduce a slight delay (0.02 - 0.04 seconds) between the network input network output. When running at 44Hz, this would encounter around a 2 frame delay per device; as part of our in-house testing, we have noticed that after 10 devices in a chain, this starts to become noticeable between the output of the first and last device (if you’re really looking for it!).

Based on this testing, we recommend a maximum of 8 devices (sufficient overhead from our testing) with up to 100m network cable distance between each device be chained together if the output makes up part of the same canvas.

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If more than 8 devices are required on the same canvas, we recommend the signal is split using additional network switches. To further reduce latency, we recommend that the same number of network switches are used prior to the first device to keep the delay balanced across your entire installation.

If you decide to extend past the recommended 8 devices, note:

  • The more erratic the content the more you are likely to see this delay, if you are using smooth color fades this will be far less noticeable.
  • If your installation isn’t fully visible from one single field of view, you could control the devices in groups. (i.e. you could make clusters of up to 8 devices in different areas of your installation).
  • From a redundancy perspective we do not advise long chains (i.e. one PSU blows or a cable is damaged) you lose everything downstream. This is a common recommendation for every type of installation.

If frame-accurate synchronization across all units is not needed due to either synchronization isn’t an issue/the installation spans over multiple canvases/devices will run in Standalone mode and therefore only requires access to the web interface, a maximum of 50 units can be chained with up to 100m network cable distance between each device.



Maximum recommended of devices linked thru

Direct Mode: (Art-Net/sACN/KiNet)

8 Devices

Standalone Mode

50 Devices