Do I need specific drivers for ENTTEC products? In short; NO. - Generic Art-Net or sACN drivers only.

There isn’t a specific driver for the DIN-ETHERGATE ODE or any other ENTTEC product. Instead, these products convert the industry standard  Art-Net or sACN protocols to DMX-512 sent out from building management or home automation systems.

The Art-Net or sACN universe that these devices will convert to DMX can be configured using the product web interface when commissioning. (By default, the protocol is set to Art-Net, Universe 0). To simplify discovery for Control4 users you can enable identification through SDDP via the web interface to simplify discovery.

For projects larger than 2 universes of data (1024 channels), or where a more advanced effects are required that would overwhelm a typical processor, check out our S-Play show controller capable of 32 universes of playback, triggerable through API's.